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7 Digital Marketing trends for 2023

Updated: Mar 18

The Digital Marketing space is ever evolving and hence most marketers would need to continually foresee and educate themselves with the latest trends, tools and algorithms. Following every trend is most definitely going to thin your marketing budget and hence we bring you a carefully curated list of trends that are going to shape the marketing industry in 2023.

1. Google Ads smart bidding A campaign in google ads is result yielding only when a marketer constantly works on tweaking the keywords, texts and the bid.

It also means that without constant attention to the campaign, you might not get the desired results. With automated bidding, google analyses and using machine learning automatically alter your bid in real-time. This helps the marketer to automate strategies whilst maintaining control. 2. Micro Influencer campaigns Micro influencers often have modest following but those are devoted and active followers.

For a business to invest in creating genuine connections, it makes sense to work with micro influencers and reach its target audience. It should be noted that choosing an influencer that works best for your brand in terms of vision and values is crucial.

3. Virtual Events Virtual Events were always around but became much more of a thing during and after the pandemic. According to a LinkedIn survey of over 200 companies in the United Kingdom and Ireland, 72% of respondents revealed that they would continue to hold virtual events.

It only makes sense since you reach a much wider audience and it costs less. Linkedin is a good way to start hosting your webinars and seminars since it's the world’s largest network for business professionals.

4. Social Media E-commerce People can now purchase goods and services directly on social media. Instagram may have taken the lead on this on and other platforms like TikTok, Pinterest closely following suit.

More businesses can now build profiles and update their product offerings within the applications for users to browse and make direct purchases.

5. Video Based Content You would be happy to know that video content is the fastest growing category in digital marketing. Individuals consume video content much more quickly and efficiently, thus making it the most effective marketing tool out there.

Businesses grabbing on to this are going to be much ahead of others who don't believe in the potential of video content.

6. Podcast Marketing

Podcast is the newest kid on the block with an annual growth rate of nearly 20%. Conglomerates are known to be spending more than $800 million on podcast advertising and the numbers are set to double by 2024.

So start your podcast, publish on Youtube, appear as a guest on a popular one or try product placement in some. The options are truly endless.

7. Mobile friendly websites As more and more people have taken to using mobile devices instead of laptops and desktops, brands and businesses to stay on top of their game in 2023, their websites need to be mobile responsive and mobile friendly without a doubt.

Google and other web search engines have been to prioritise & favour mobile-friendly websites by implementing mobile-first indexing to index new sites. Therefore, your SEO will suffer if your website is not mobile-friendly.


As the ever growing digital marketing landscape is seemingly challenging, it’s important to be aware and prepared so your business makes the most out of an emerging marketing trend. At Eunorial Consulting we remain armed with the latest tools and strategies to help our clients achieve their goals and grow year after year. For anything and everything digital marketing, reach out to us and get a customised marketing plan from our experts today.

Location: Toronto, Canada

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