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10 reasons you need a website in 2023

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Its 2021, we were in between a raging pandemic, our businesses needed our support more than ever so it could function and sustain us in the long run. Fast forward to 2023, our whole world has been digitalised. Owning a website is now more imperative than ever to facilitate your customers information about your business and easily reach you.

1. Credibility It's important to have a state of the art, modern website with a custom domain to build trust with your customers. It shows that the business is current and actively tending to its clientele. A vast majority of people today are more inclined to opt the products and services of a business that has a good online standing; and a compelling website design.

2. Online reach and visibility People are now spending record number of hours browsing through their phones. A website ensures that your business is reached out by a larger demographic and is 24x7 visible to the customers looking for your products and/or services.

3. Sell Online With the rise of global health concerns more and more people find it convenient to order things they need through online shopping. Having an e-commerce website, if it suits your business type adds a huge positive element to your sales probability and helps the search engines to tag your websites for products it showcases. Thus, your website comes up as many times, to different consumers, while they look for different products.

4. Real time customer interaction A mobile responsive website is exactly what a growing business needs to get to know their target customers and what they need. Having real time interaction with your potential leads can do wonders for your business. 5. Online marketing We are living in the age of information where everything is available on our fingertips and everyone is reachable. Marketing your business online through an array of methods like paid advertising, social media campaigning

6. Traffic monitoring and analysis Turning your business around for the better is something everyone wants to do and having factual data of your website traffic is one of the most informed ways to go about doing it. Once you have the figures, it's easier to assess the situation and come up with solutions.

7. Accessibility for customers Customers appreciate if a business helps them access their products in an easeful manner. A good website design ensures that with minimum input from the customers, the business ends with a sale and at the same time customers are happy, they got the product they were looking for with no hassle.

8. Benefit from Google Google offers a plethora of services to websites in the form of google maps listing, adwords, paid advertising, search engine, google work, domain services etc

9. Showcase products/ Services It's always a great idea to have your customers know what the business is offering them. A great way to do that is have your services listed out on your website and keep updating your clients about new offers and other attractions.

10. Find new customers Owning a website helps tremendously when in comes to attracting potential customers. Once the website starts getting traction, the growth is exponential. Since the website is practically like a 24x7 store always available to cater to your customers.

At this uncertain time when the world is gasping for a respite, it's a wise decision to stay informed and equipped with all tools necessary to aid your business run smoothly and successfully. A good website might just do the trick for you.

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