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5 reasons why digital marketing is crucial for small businesses in Toronto, 2023

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

1. Online presence

Online Marketing

We are living in post pandemic times, where we can’t ignore the fact that a digital shift has happened in the last couple of years. In order for businesses to stay relevant at a time when everything got shut down, they had to adapt and operate digitally. The bottom line- Businesses that are online are here to stay. It's imperative that a business should work on creating and maintaining presence online through a website, a Google Map page and a social media platform that suits their business best.

2. Customers find your business easily Save your customers the hassle to find your business. Google Maps is an excellent tool to geographically pinpoint your location and have them find directions to come to you.

location based marketing

You can also provide links to your website/ online shop, upload pictures, write about your services and a plethora of other useful features that is guaranteed to help your business build trust and gain revenue in the long run.

3. Reach targeted customers Digital marketing comprises tools that can help you build an effective strategy towards reaching your target audience. Target audience that become potential customers if communicated with value and clarity.

targeted marketing

People are hooked online and that is a fact. Be seen, get noticed and talk to your customers. It’s all you would ever need to make your business grow.

4. Edge over competition The sad fact is that many businesses don’t value the power of digital marketing and are still operating in a redundant fashion . Don’t be one of them.

competitive edge

Instead harness the power of digital marketing and get ahead of your competitors. A survey in 2018 said that 85% of Canadians used social media at least once a week. The numbers have only increased and continue to rise exponentially. Now, it’s just a matter of how you want to reach them and how effectively you communicate with them. Your competitors may or may not be doing it. It's time to do it better.

5. Increased ROI Every business takes a certain investment to set up and operate. Gearing your business towards achieving a higher ROI not only

helps you fulfil your business goals but also secure your operations in the face of an emergency.

Increased ROI

Digital Marketing can help you achieve better returns on your investment but it depends on how well you plan your campaigns and how well you decipher the results by measuring the campaigns. Tracking your ROI in different Digital campaigns allows you to identify areas where it needs more budget allocation.

Additional important metrics to track ROI include cost per lead, cost per acquisition, customer lifetime value, and lead close rate. ARE YOU READY TO EXPERIENCE THE POWER OF A SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN?? It does not matter what industry you work in, in order to gain substantial visibility and reach your target audience; you would need professional help to make a mark in today's digital space. TALK TO US TODAY .

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